I Preamble

Article 1

Name of the festival: Festival of the Ethnological TV films – FESTEF (hereinafter referred to as the Festival).

Festival has it’s logo, and internet site updated regularly in Serbian and English.

Goals of the Festival: to preserve cultural tradition and identity of Serbian people, national minorities and ethnic groups from Serbia, as well as learning about and interactionwith the cultures and traditions of other nations.

Article 2

Founder and organizer of the Festival is Cultural center„Veljko Dugošević“, Kučevo.

Article 3

Festival is organized anualy, and lasts at least three days.

This is an international festival.

Article 4

Festival consists of competitive, informative and special programs, and may have different accompanying programs.

In the course of the first two days of the Festival, professional panel with the subject established and published on the internet beforehand, will be held.

II Festival organization

Article 5

Festival consists of:

                  –    Organizing Committee

–      Festival director

–      The Festival art director

–      Festival Program selector (who’s engagement begins one year before Festival starts)

–      Program selector of the specialized program “ETHNOMOBILE”(the engagement begins one month before the Festival starts).

 Also, the Festival may appoint a different jury (committee for evaluation) each year.

Responsibilities of the Art director, Program selector and members of the Jury (competition and special programs) are precisely defined by the Decision of appointment.

Article 6

Organizing and carrying out of the FESTEF program, and appointing all of the committees and individual responsibilities (Article 5) is under the jurisdiction of the director of Cultural center “Kučevo”.

III Conditions of participation

Article 7

The Festival makes selection in two ways:

– By Open call to the authors and the production companies, which is released at least four months before the Festival starts.

– By Program selector’s research (scouting) through various festivals internet sites and catalogues, film schools, student film campuses, workshops, etc; by personal contact with authors and producers, and also by watching large number of films during the whole year.

Article 8

The right to apply to the Festival have: TV stations, independent producers, legal entities registerd for film producing, cultural institutions, and individual authors.

Submission is free of charge. The Festival does not charge registration or screening fee for registered and selected films, nor does it pay the fee for the films that are going to be screened.

Open call, Regulations and Entry form can be downloaded from the Festivals site: www.homoljskimotivikucevo.orgfrom the opening to the closing of the Call.

Article 9

Films maybe submitted in tree ways:

-by filling out the entryformand emailing it, with the link for viewing of films(Vimeo, YouTube…)

– by website clikforfestivals.com on line submission platform

– or by sending printed application and film on DVD

Festival recommends, in order to mentain the quality, not to send films in DVD-Video format, but as: mp4, mp2, mpg, mov, avi.

Copies of the films are not to be returned to the authors.

Article 10

Maximum duration of the submitted films to the Festival is 30 minutes (-/+ 5 minutes).

Films longer than 30 minutes may also be submitted, but only 6 films with maximum duration up to 60 minutes will be accepted in the official selection.

Feature-length films could be accepted only in special cases by decision made by the Program selector or the organizers of the Festival.

Article 11

It is recommended for the films from Ex Yu territories (but not obligatory) to be subtitled or dubbed in English.

All the other films are to be subtitled in English, and also to submit English dialogue list.

Article 12

After selecting the films, at the latest one month before the Festival starts, the organizer is obliged to inform the applicants about the results of the selection.

Producers and authors of the selected films are to deliver copies prepared for screening, or to inform the organizer whether the qualitiy of the preview copy satisfies the screening needs. 

Regardless of the delivered formats, Festival’s films are projected from the computer not from the DVD player.

Article 13

By submitting a film, film rights owner authorizesthe Festival:

– to screen the film without any compensation in money,

– to use up to 3 minutes of the film materials for promotional purposes,

– to screen the entire film for non-commercial and educational purposes, besides the festival screening.

IV Competition programs

Article 14

Only TV documentaries or the recordings with ethnological or anthropological themes, with both artistic and educational approach, may be included in competetion program of the Festival.

Films have to be produced within 3 years prior to the Festival. Films older than 3 years can be included only by the special decision made by the Organizer.

Films for the competition program are selected by the Festival selector, appointed by the Director of the Festival, a year prior to the opening of the Festival.

Selected films cannot be withdrawn from the program.

Article 15

Festival has 4 competiton programs:

– National films produced by the TV or film productions, museums and other institutions and independent productions;

– National amateur films;

– International films produced by the TV or film productions, museums and other institutions and independent productions;

– International amateur films;

Article 16

Films screened in competition programs are evaluated by the Festival Jury comprised of ethnologists, anthropologists and TV/film makers, theorists and critics.

Jury has at least three members and is appointed by the Festival Director.

As a rule, one member of the Jury is from one of the European countries, second one from Ex Yu region, and the third from Serbia.

V FESTEF additional programs

Article 17

Films which are not selected in competition program are either selected in info program or rejected (not selected in any of the programs).

Article 18

Special program of the Festival is ETHNOMOBILE.

ETHNOMOBILE program consists of amateur video recordings with themes and quality of the recording according to thegeneral rules of the Festival.

All recordings, lasting up to 5 minutes, made by the mobile phone or amateur camera, are to be submitted as unedited material.

VI Awards

Article 19

Jury evaluates films screened in competition program by their artistic value, author’s originality, authenticity of the ethnological source, a mark that it leaves or will leave in the future.

Article 20

For competition program, Festival has total of 9 prizes: 7 in national, and 2 in international selection.

Article 21

Prizes are:

1. For national films:

–      “The Golden shepherd” for the Best film of the festival;

–      “The Silver shepherd” for the Best ethnological recording;

–      “The Silver shepherd” for the Best direction;

–      “The Silver shepherd” for the Best script;

–      “The Silver shepherd” for the Best editing;

–      “The Silver shepherd” for the Best cinematography;

–      “The Silver shepherd” for the Best amateur film;

2. For international films:

          – „Golden shepherd“ and diploma „Cedric Dallier“ for The Best ethnological international film“.

          – „Silver shepherd“ for exceptional work in various aspects regarding the making of ethnological films. (Jury verdict should specify: for direction, for ethnologist’s research, for amateur ethnological film, and so on…)

Article 22

Jury and the Organizer of the Festival are allowed to assign the Special Mention in both selections (national and international) if they consider that one of the works needs to be distinguished besides the existing categories, or to distinguish special achievement of an individulal filmmaker or production company.

Article 23

Grand Prix “The Golden Shepherd” consists of:

– Gilded figurine of a shepherd, work of Dragan Kecman, painter from Kučevo, with inscription: “Grand Prix FESTEF, the year of receiving the award, Kučevo”

– Diploma with the name of the author, and the title of the film, and

– Prize money (the amount is determined annually by the Festival Committee).

Article 24

The “Silver Shepherd award” consists of:

– Silver plated figurine of a shepherd, work of Dragan Kecman, painter from Kučevo, with inscription “FESTEF, the year of receiving the award, Kučevo”;

– Prize money (the amount is determined annually by the Festival Committee).

Article 25

The Jury announces it’s descision on the last day of the Festival at press conference, as a rule, excatly at noon. In the evening of the same day, the awards and diplomas are given at closing ceremony and selected awarded films are screened.

Article 26

At years of jubilees, anniversaries or in special occasions, the Organizer gives “Lifetime Achievement Award” – to an individual, deserving author or collaborator.

Article 27

Best films from ETHNOMOBILE program are awarded with the special prizes:

– Special acknowledgement

– Non monetary award (chosen by the Organizer)

VII Guests of the Festival

Article 28

The Organizer covers the costs for two days of stay (overnight stay with breakfast) for one member of the creative team from every film selected for competition program.

Article 29

The Art director of the Festival, Program selector and members of the Jury for competition program are to receive money compensation (the amount is determined by the Festival board)

The compensation may be determined for the Program selector and members of the Special program Jury.

Article 30

The Organizer covers the travelling and hotel costs for the stay in Kučevo for Jury members, Program selector and Art Director (during the preparation and in the course of The Festival)

Article 31.

The Organizer covers the hotel costs for the stay in Kučevo for the other Festival guests (guests of honor, representatives from other festivals etc.)

Article 32

All authors attending the Festival are expected to participate in panels and professional discussions organized during the Festival, and at the closing ceremony.

Article 33

The Regulation of the Festival of Ethnological TV film – FESTEF is made by the Board of Cultural center of Kučevo, and by the motion of the Director of that institution.

It is put to effect on the day it of its adoption, and it is published on the bulletin board of Cultural center of Kučevo.

By virtue of the entry to effect of this Regulation, the Regulation from 26th of January 2011, reference seal 3, shall cease to have effect.